Senate Democrats


Hundreds gather to stand with American people for a real change

Washington, DC — With the country at a crossroads, facing an historic choice between the status quo and a change in course, House and Senate Democrats today joined together to call for a New Direction for America. After years of paying the price for a Congress that has favored the special interests and enduring the failed leadership and incompetent policies of Republicans in Washington, the American people have had enough, and they want change. Today, following a special Joint Caucus, Democrats from the House and Senate reaffirmed their commitment to a Congress that serves all Americans and to providing leadership as good as the American people.

More than five years of failed leadership by President Bush and his Rubber Stamp Republican Congress has put America on the wrong track and in desperate need for a real change. Republican incompetence has put our national security in doubt and left our troops at risk. Failed economic polices have left the middle class working harder while making less, unable to afford the rising cost of health care, college tuition, and gasoline. Meanwhile, leaders who put partisan ideology and special interests ahead of working families have given handouts to multi-millionaires and put seniors’ Social Security in danger. While the Republican Congress has chosen to do nothing to help, ignoring the concerns of the American people, Democrats are fighting for a new direction.

“Millions of Americans across the country have had enough,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today. “They’re tired of coming in second to Big Oil, Big Drug Companies and the radical right. They’re tired of been ignored by this Do Nothing Republican Congress, while their everyday problems only grow worse. They want a new direction, and with Democrats, they’re going to get it. We will unite America behind an agenda that works for all–a change in course in Iraq, affordable health care, a stronger middle class, and a belief in science and medical research. It’s time for a New Direction, and it starts today.”

“Democrats are charting a New Direction, one that unites our country and creates a better America,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said. “Whether it’s the war in Iraq, price of gas, affordable health care, or the cost of college, Americans know the country is going in the wrong direction. Our New Direction for America will address the real priorities of the American people, expanding opportunity and prosperity for all, not just the privileged few.”

Over the course of the 109th Congress, Democrats have announced a series of significant policy agendas, from Real Security to Honest Leadership, that cover the breadth of what is needed to put America back on the right track. Collected as Six for ’06, this legislative plan–Real Security, better jobs at better pay for the American people, college access for all, energy independence, affordable health care and life-saving science, and retirement security and dignity–mark a crucial break with the tradition of failure of this Republican Congress. It’s a New Direction exemplified by two outstanding first-term Members of Congress, who joined today in the call for change.

“This Republican Congress has been nothing more than a rubber stamp for George Bush on issue-after-issue,” said Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey. “When it counts the most – when the American people cry out for the slightest sign of leadership from this Republican Congress – they simply dance to whatever tune George Bush plays. Under this Republican leadership we are clearly headed in the wrong direction and the American people deserve much better. It is time for a new direction.”

“Democrats are headed back to our home districts, to our neighbors, to those we serve, to speak of another way – a New Direction for America,” Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri said. “We will tell them of our hopes to bring civility, compassion and courage back to the Congress. We will remind them of a government that once served the people and that can serve them again.”

Following today’s event, Democrats will be taking their message of change across the country for the August Recess, holding more than two hundred New Direction events across America. Democrats are putting the Republican Do Nothing Congress on notice that the status quo will not continue. Standing united with the American people, Democrats have the right plan to take America in a New Direction.