Senate Democrats


Nevadans Need Congress to Address Real Security, Health Care, Energy, College Affordability

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada took action to provide real security for America and strengthen Nevada’s middle-class. Joined by his colleagues from the House and Senate, Reid today called for a New Direction for America.

“Nearly five years after 9-11, our country is not nearly as safe as it should be,” said Reid. “Our vision of a new direction will focus on a plan for real security that moves beyond the rhetoric and takes action to keep Nevadans, and all Americans, safe from those who wish to do us harm.”

Life for many working Nevadans is getting harder. A growing number of middle-class families are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for the rising cost of health care, college tuition, and the gasoline they need to get to and from work.

“We’re going to reject the divisive politics of the last six years, and unite America behind an agenda that works for all,” said Reid. “We are going to strengthen the middle-class, make affordable health care a top priority, embrace science and medical research, and implement a real strategy for Iraq.”

Additionally, Reid said he and his colleagues will cut taxes for the middle-class, protect Social Security, and pursue a bold, new future of energy independence that will reduce energy and gas prices

“The challenges America faces today are great. But we can meet them together,” said Reid.

Senator Reid said Nevadans are counting on a new direction for America, including more than 400,000 Nevadans–nearly 1 in 5–who are living without medical insurance. Today, he told some of their stories:

“In Pahrump, there’s a senior named Robin who considered signing up for the President’s drug plan. But she soon found out her drugs would cost 8 times more under the President’s plan because it was written for Drug companies, not her.”

“In Reno, Nevada today, families are paying 3 dollars and 12 cents for the gas they need to drive to work – more than double what they were paying in 2001. Each month, they are taking hundreds of dollars they used to spend or save, and pouring it down their gas tanks.”

“In Boulder City, there’s a man in a wheelchair I know from church, whose hope was crushed last week because President Bush chose the radical right over stem cell research that could some day cure his Parkinson’s disease.”

“In Las Vegas, there are families like the Lukacs and the Salazars, who lost loved ones in Iraq. Their lives will never be the same, and they’re doing everything they can to honor their legacy.”

Reid said he and his colleagues will begin taking this message of change across the country and put the current Do Nothing Congress on notice that the status quo will not continue.