Senate Democrats


America’s workers deserve real change

Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader released the following statement to commemorate Labor Day.

“This Monday, we all pause to honor hard working men and women and the contributions they have made to this nation. Labor Day gives us an opportunity to take a moment and enjoy time with families and friends. This year, however, while many Americans are fortunate to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, we cannot forget that that so many of our nation’s workers are threatened by outsourcing, reduced retirement benefits, eroding worker protections, high gas prices, and uncertain health care costs.

“Democrats are committed to helping our nation’s work force by promoting an agenda that values our workers. We are working to end the threat of outsourcing American jobs oversees and have pledged to forgo a congressional pay raise until Congress raises the minimum wage. Democrats are equally committed to protecting the rights and safety of workers and their ability to organize. And for those retirees who have worked hard all their lives and paid into the system, Democrats are fighting to make sure their Social Security is there in full and their pensions are protected.

“Democrats also understand that stabilizing health care costs will allow families to care for loved ones and help American companies grow and produce better jobs. We are also determined to give American families a break at the gas pump by promoting innovation and alternative fuels that will put our nation on a path toward energy independence by 2020.

“This Labor Day, the nation will take time with family and loved ones. Next week, Democrats will return to Congress to keep fighting for America’s workers and to take this country in a new direction.”