Senate Democrats


Five years later, demand new policies that reflect the lessons of 9/11

Washington, DC — Democratic Senators Charles Schumer and Robert Menendez today demanded a real change from Bush Republican policies that have left America less safe than it should be. Five years after 9/11, there simply is no excuse for Republican leadership in Washington that refuses to learn the lessons of the terrorist attacks, shortchanging Homeland Security and ignoring the tough and smart policies needed to start bringing terrorists to justice.

Unfortunately, instead of working to take America’s security in a new direction, Bush Republicans in Washington remain tied to the same failed priorities and policies that have left America bogged down in Iraq, diverted from the war on terror, with the American people left unsecured at home. Republicans now even propose to spend tens of millions of dollars on a PR campaign to change the news coverage in Iraq instead of changing the policies that have left that country in chaos on the brink of civil war, a flawed plan Senator Menendez is addressing with a new amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations bill currently before the U.S. Senate. Democrats believe it is long past time for a change to policies that reflect the lessons learned five years ago on September 11th, 2001. They are fighting to secure America, to change course in Iraq to allow our military and our nation to win the war on terror, and to finally start bringing terrorists to justice.

“This Administration made us a promise five years ago, that they would do everything they could to make our homeland safer,” said Senator Schumer, “but it is shocking that even the clear and necessary recommendations made by the non-partisan 9/11 Commission still remain unfulfilled. We’re certainly safer than we were on September 10, 2001, but we have such a long way to go in area after area.”

“Five years after the horrendous attacks on our soil, the Bush administration has still not fully implemented the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations,” Senator Menendez said. “Instead of real port security, better communications between our first responders, and a true plan for success in Iraq – the Bush administration has opted for a $20 million public relations campaign on Iraq. Public Relations and spin won’t make America safer and won’t improve conditions on the ground in Iraq. We need a new direction instead of the same failed course.”

Five years after 9/11, it is shocking that America’s government still has not learned the lessons of that terrible day. Republicans remain tied to failed policies that have made America less safe and the world more dangerous, and it is time for a change. Instead of new PR campaigns, Democrats are fighting for a new direction, with the tough and smart policies need to give the American people the real security they deserve.