Senate Democrats


Washington, DCAs thousands gathered today in the nation’s capital calling for Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement:

“Today, as thousands of people gather in front of the U.S. Capitol to urge comprehensive immigration reform, I join them in calling upon Congressional Republicans to stop the offensive immigrant-bashing they’ve engaged in all summer through sham hearings that have wasted hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars. I join them in calling upon Congressional Republicans instead to finally work toward a meaningful bill that strengthens our security and brings hardworking immigrants out of the shadows, allowing them to get on a pathway to citizenship. Without the kind of fair, practical, and workable reform that the Senate passed, there can be no real border security.

“Unfortunately, recent press reports indicate that Republican Congressional leaders have no intention of getting down to work and fixing our broken immigration system. The bottom line is that if President Bush does not rein in the radical anti-immigrant right wing of his party, there will be no comprehensive reform. It is time to stop playing with our national security and start working for the American people. It is time for a new direction.”