Senate Democrats


State-by-state analysis proves Clean EDGE Act is right for America’s energy and economic future

Washington, DC — Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Maria Cantwell today joined Dan Seligman, the National Campaign Director for the Apollo Alliance, to unveil a new report that shows state-by-state how the Democrats’ CLEAN Edge Act will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the country. Bush Republican policies have left America addicted to oil and the middle class struggling to get by. The new report, prepared by the Apollo Alliance and the Economic Policy Institute, proves that Democrats are offering innovative solutions to revolutionize America’s energy future, and to stand up for middle-class Americans.

In the past five years, gas prices have skyrocketed while middle-class jobs across America have fled overseas. Unfortunately, Republican leaders in Washington have ignored the problem, leaving America addicted to oil and hard-working men and women struggling just to get by. To take America in a new direction, revolutionize our energy future, and invest in a growing economy, Democrats have offered the Clean EDGE Act. As the new Apollo Alliance report makes clear, the comprehensive legislation would create high-paying jobs in every state in the union–more than 500,000 nationwide, with tens of thousands in states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. All told, according to the Apollo Alliance, the Democrats’ Clean EDGE Act alone would replace 8% of the manufacturing jobs lost since 2000 in America. The report is attached to this release, and may be found online at

“Americans are looking forward to a future where we buy fuel produced in the Midwest instead of the Middle East,” Senator Stabenow said. “We’ve known for a long time that investing in alternative energy would create thousands of good-paying jobs in Michigan, and this report is further confirmation. These jobs would benefit many parts of Michigan’s economy, boosting our manufacturers, farmers, automakers and research centers.”

“Investing in new fuel technologies will not only help break our fossil fuel dependence in favor of cleaner, more reliable alternatives, but will also create thousands of new family wage manufacturing jobs,” said Cantwell, co-chair of the Apollo Alliance and a member of the Senate Energy Committee. “As this report shows, the comprehensive energy plan introduced by Senate Democrats represents a real investment in America’s energy future and could create over half a million new jobs. This proves that betting on American ingenuity and technological expertise is far better than continuing to gamble on the future good will of unfriendly Middle East regimes for our energy needs.”

“Our study found that the Clean EDGE Act of 2006 would create 530,000 good, family supporting American jobs,” said Seligman. “Half of these would be high-paying jobs manufacturing wind turbines, solar panels, and efficient vehicles. Another ten percent would be high-paying construction jobs as Americans go to work building wind farms, energy efficient homes and businesses, and new transit systems. Under the Clean EDGE Act of 2006, every state in the nation would gain jobs, including many of those states hardest hit by the loss of 3 million manufacturing jobs. Best of all, these are jobs with a purpose. We will give our young men and women careers in making America more secure, less polluting, and, once again, a role model for the world.”

While the Do Nothing Republican Congress seems intent to ignore the pressures on America’s middle class and the dangers threatening America’s energy future, Democrats are fighting for a change. With the job-creating Clean EDGE Act, Democrats are offering the American people a comprehensive and innovative plan to take America in a new direction.