Senate Democrats


In two years, Republican-controlled 109th Congress has done nothing for American people

Washington, DC — Yesterday’s release of three pages of the National Intelligence Estimate that state plainly that the Bush Administration’s failed strategy in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism and made America less safe lays bare the need for a Congress that won’t simply rubber stamp failed White House policies. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic leaders from House and Senate today joined to call for a new direction. From Iraq to the minimum wage, college affordability to energy independence, health care to retirement security, the 109th Congress has set an historic record in failing to do its job for the American people.

The 109th Congress has repeatedly rubberstamped failed Bush Administration policies that have weakened America’s national security and undermined Americans’ economic security. America’s intelligence community has made clear the Bush Administration’s strategy in Iraq is a failure. At home, Americans face rising prices while struggling under stagnant wages. America’s security is in doubt, health care costs are skyrocketing, education costs are rising, pension benefits are in danger, and the minimum wage remains too low for hard working families to get by.

Instead of acting, the Republican Congress has wasted time by debating the Schaivo affair, quibbling over gay marriage, and generally doing nothing for the American people. America deserves better than a Republican Congress that is satisfied with failure. It is time for a change. For two years, Democrats have fought to take America in a new direction, fighting for better American jobs at better pay, for better access to affordable health care, and for the best tough and smart national security policies needed to give the American people the real security they deserve. With just days left to this failed Republican Congress, Democrats are committed to change.

“In 1948, Harry Truman said, ‘Very difficult thing, to get anything out of this…Congress. They don’t want to do anything for the people. They are awful anxious to do things to the people, and they have done a lot of things to the people… and it’s beginning to hurt.’ He could easily have been talking about this Congress,” said Reid. “On too many issues–and in too many instances–this Republican Congress has sat on the sidelines. Look at Iraq – this Do Nothing Congress refuses to ask tough questions and it won’t take the necessary steps to make America safe. Three years into the war, the three unclassified pages of the National Intelligence Estimate now make clear Iraq has made America less safe. It’s time for a new direction to finally give the American people the leadership and the real security they deserve.”

“Congress is supposed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, but all we’ve seen from the Republican leadership is unquestioning acceptance of failed Bush policies – policies that serve the special interests instead of all Americans,” Pelosi said. “The only questions being asked by the Republican leadership are, ‘Will it help President Bush? Will it help the Republican Party? Will it help our special interest contributors?'”

After five years of Bush Republican leadership, the time has come for change. With so many challenges facing the American people and with the Republican leadership in Washington that has shown itself unwilling or unable to meet them, the American people want a Congress that will finally stand up for them. Democrats are fighting to take America in a new direction, offering comprehensive plans to improve America’s security and repair America’s economy.