Senate Democrats


Washington, DC — Amidst a storm of revelations of the scope of Bush Administrations failures in Iraq and the damage they have done to America’s security, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin, Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Carl Levin, and Democratic Senators Charles Schumer and Jack Reed today demanded a change. Iraq is in civil war, the reconstruction is a disaster, and the Bush Administration and its Do Nothing Republican Congress are in a state of denial about the damage being done to our nation’s security. It is time for a change.

On Monday, three retired top military officers who served in Iraq detailed the abject failure of the Bush Administration’s strategies for the war. On Tuesday, the Bush Administration declassified three pages of a National Intelligence Estimate on terrorism which show that America’s intelligence community has concluded the Bush Administration’s failed policies have made terrorism worse. On Thursday, Americans learned the corruption and mismanagement in the Iraqi reconstruction left fecal matter dripping from the ceiling of what should have been a $75 million academy to train the next generation of Iraqi police. Today, advance reports of a new book by Bob Woodward make clear the Bush Administration, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Republican Congress are in a state of denial about the scope of the problem.

“America must succeed in Iraq and we must win the war on terror, but this President and this Republican Congress are the wrong people for the job,” said Reid. “They stubbornly refuse to change course from their failed policies–even when it’s clear their course is making America less safe. It’s time for the misleading, mistakes, and misconduct to come to an end. This Congress should demand the administration produce the Iraq NIE, get the truth about what’s happening on the ground, and implement new policies that will chart a new direction in Iraq and refocus our country in the war on terror. It is time for a new direction.”

Whether ignoring military requests for more troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, or hiding the true state of the civil war in Iraq, Bush Republicans are committed to a “stay the course” strategy in Iraq that is endangering the security of America and undermining success in the war on terror. The time for tough talk is over. With Iraq in civil war and Afghanistan headed into chaos, the time has come for tough and smart policies to ensure the American people have the real security they deserve. Democrats are fighting to take America in a new direction, and have offered the Real Security Act, comprehensive national security legislation to change course in Iraq, secure America, and finally win the war on terror.