Senate Democrats


Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today issued the following statement on the continuing failure of House Republican leaders to come clean over what they knew about Congressman Foley’s actions and when they knew it.

“The response of the House Republican leadership and the Bush White House has been morally repugnant and wholly inadequate. This is about more than ‘naughty emails’ as President Bush’s spokesman dismissed online predatory behavior today. This is about a Member of Congress who used his position to prey on young children, and a Republican Leadership team who set out to cover it up. They must be investigated by the Ethics Committee and immediately questioned under oath.

“It’s not enough for the House Republican Leadership to show concern in hindsight. The time for them to act was months ago, when Republican Leadership had reason to suspect Mr. Foley posed a risk to the safety of children entrusted to Congress’s care. They failed to do what was morally right when they were needed the most.

“Congressman Foley has resigned over his behavior. But Americans are still waiting for Republican Leaders to come clean and explain why for almost a year they chose to cover up Foley’s behavior.”