Senate Democrats


Five year anniversary is sobering reminder of need to refocus on war on terror

Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement to mark the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the military campaign against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001.

“Five years ago, America struck back against the killers who attacked our nation on September 11th. With the country united and the world with us, our nation took action in Afghanistan to topple the Taliban and destroy the al Qaeda terrorists they aided and abetted. Five years later, the mission remains undone. The Bush White House took its eye off of the ball and took America to war in Iraq based on faulty and cherry picked intelligence. As a result, al Qaeda has not yet been destroyed, the Taliban is resurgent, and Osama bin Laden remains at large.

“We cannot allow Afghanistan to slide into chaos. We need a new direction.

“The American people deserve leaders who offer more than empty tough talk. They deserve leaders who are tough and smart. On the five-year anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan, it is time for the President to recommit to completing the mission. Al Qaeda and the Taliban threat must be destroyed. The people of Afghanistan must be supported. It is up to the President to provide the leadership necessary to achieve both of these goals.”