Senate Democrats


The President’s failed policies have made America less safe

Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement on President Bush’s press conference today.

“President Bush and his Republican Congress are in a state of denial about their own failed policies. The President’s policy in Iraq sent that country into civil war and turned it into a training ground and rallying cry for terrorists. His policy in North Korea allowed that country to develop and test nuclear weapons. His policy in Afghanistan allowed the Taliban to return and the country to slide towards chaos. Iran is going nuclear. Somalia risks falling into terrorist hands. America is less safe. President Bush tries to talk tough, but he doesn’t act smart. He insists on stubbornly following policies that don’t work, and it is time for a change.

“For five years, Democrats have fought for the tough and smart policies needed to keep America safe. Now the time has come for the Bush Administration and Congress to get off the sidelines, rally the international community, and come up with winning strategies to address the challenges of North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. America’s security demands a new direction.”