Senate Democrats

Reid Calls on President Bush to Convene Bipartisan Iraq Summit

Washington, DCU.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada today called on President Bush to convene a bipartisan summit to find a new direction in Iraq. After yesterday’s historic vote for change at home and abroad, the time has come for the President to listen to the American people and work with Congressional leaders of both parties for a new direction.

“Yesterday’s message was clear: Americans want change. It is time to put partisanship aside and find a new way forward – at home and in Iraq. Today, I ask the President to convene a bipartisan Iraq summit with the leaders of Congress and the Chairman and Ranking Members of key national security committees. After more than three years of a failed strategy, we must come together to change course and give the American people and our troops the real security they deserve.

“In the fourth year of the war, the American people have made clear that we need a new direction. ‘Staying the course’ is no longer acceptable. Americans want change, and Democrats will work with the President in a bipartisan manner to change course in Iraq.”