Senate Democrats

Reid: Rumsfeld’s Resignation Should Be Followed By A Change In Policy

Washington, DCU.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada today released the following statement on the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

“By accepting the Secretary of Defense’s resignation, President Bush has taken a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the course in Iraq cannot be changed solely by changing personnel. We also need a change in policy, if this resignation is to mean anything for our troops or for the Iraqi people.

“Senate Democrats look forward to carefully considering the nomination of Robert Gates. He’s a seasoned public servant who will get an expeditious and thorough hearing. If confirmed, we look forward to working with him and the President to change course in Iraq. Across the country Tuesday, Americans demanded a new way forward. Democrats stand ready to work with the President and his new Secretary of Defense to deliver it. We’ve called for the President to host a bipartisan Iraq summit. I hope the President will heed that call. It is time to put aside the partisanship and do what the American people have asked. We must change course in Iraq.”