Senate Democrats

Reid: A Day To Honor Dr. King’s Legacy

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada today released the following statement in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to mark the federal holiday that bears his name. “Today, our nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King. Across the country, Americans celebrate his life, as well as the life of his wife Coretta, who passed last year. Decades after his death, Dr. King remains an internationally recognized voice of peace, and his vision of equality still serves as a guiding light for us all. “This is a day for remembering, but it is also a time to once again call ourselves to action. The causes and injustices for which Dr. King gave his life remain, and all of us—as Americans—bear a responsibility to see his dream of racial equality and justice for all realized in this world. “Over the last year, we in Washington have taken major strides to honor Dr. King’s dream and his legacy. Last July, Democrats and Republicans worked in a bipartisan fashion to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act. Only a few months ago, Americans of every background stood at the Tidal Basin on the National Mall to break ground on the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. This year, we must continue that work. “As we begin a new Congress, we must commit to honor Dr. King’s legacy by advancing an agenda that will move our nation in a new direction, towards justice and equality for all.”