Senate Democrats

Reid: America Is Fortunate The State Of The Indian Nations Is Strong

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada today released the following statement on President Joe A. Garcia’s State of Indian Nations Address to the National Congress of American Indians: “In his address to the National Congress of American Indians today, President Garcia described the state of the Indian Nations as strong. In the face of difficult odds, American Indians continue to be a vital force in our country—people who contribute to every facet of our nation. They enrich our society, defend our homeland, and as always, we send our thanks. “We in Congress have the responsibility to do more to help. More than 30 years ago, Congress enacted laws to promote tribal self-determination, a movement that President Garcia recognized as dramatically improving the lives of native people. As President Garcia said today, we must continue to help tribal governments make progress on improving public safety for those in Indian Country, expand health care for native peoples, encourage the diversification of tribal economic development enterprises, explore tribal energy sources while sustainable conservation practices and protect tribal natural resources. From continuing to support native housing programs, to working to stamp out the community-destroying effects of methamphetamine addiction, and more, Democrats in Congress look forward to working alongside our nation’s native people to make sure the more than 500 Indian communities grow even stronger in the future and to fulfill their goals of self-determination.”