Senate Democrats

Reid Joins Business, Security Leaders To Work For Energy Security

Washington, DC — Keeping his commitment to secure America’s energy and environmental future, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today joined members of the Energy Security Council to discuss ways to free America from its dependence on oil, especially foreign oil. The group, a subset of Securing America’s Future Energy, represents a growing coalition of business, political, and national security leaders committed to changing America’s energy policies. With outdated energy policies threatening America’s economy and security and endangering the future health of the planet, today’s meeting is part of a larger effort already underway in the new Democratic Senate to take America in a new direction. “There is a powerful and growing consensus in this country that we must finally change America’s energy policies,” said Senator Reid. “The Energy Security Council deserves tremendous credit for making energy security more than just a project to talk about, but a reality we can achieve together. Democrats in the Senate are ready to get to work.” Democrats believe the time has passed to simply identify the challenges facing America, and are working in Congress to start solving them. Senator Reid has made energy security a top priority for Democrats in the 110th Congress. Building on the groundbreaking Clean EDGE Act Democrats introduced in 2006, Reid has already tasked his Committee Chairmen with moving forward on the new and much needed legislation this year. Along with the commitment and efforts of groups like Energy Security Council and SAFE, Democrats are committed to making America energy secure.