Senate Democrats

Reid: Congress Will Give President Bush’s Iraq Funding Request The Highest Scrutiny

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on news that President Bush will ask Congress for $245 Billion in supplemental appropriations to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “America’s troops have performed heroically in carrying out an Iraq policy that has not been equal to their sacrifice. When President Bush sends Congress his latest supplemental appropriations request, Democrats pledge that our troops will receive everything they need to do their jobs. We will also subject this supplemental to the tough and serious oversight that Congress has ignored for four years. Furthermore, we believe this should be the last such supplemental appropriation. It is past time for the President to accurately and appropriately budget for this war and give the American people a full accounting of its true cost. “America has already spent almost $400 billion on this war, too much of which has been wasted on boondoggles like Olympic-sized swimming pools in unused multi-million dollar training camps in the desert. The American people deserve better. New reports by the Congressional Budget Office and our nation’s Intelligence Community make clear that the President’s policies in Iraq are flawed, costly, and unsuccessful. Democrats in Congress will always support our troops, and that means real change in Iraq now.”