Senate Democrats

Reid: Nie A Sobering Look At The Reality In Iraq

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement on today’s release of the unclassified summary of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. “Today’s unclassified summary of the Iraq NIE paints a sobering picture, and gives the American people another glimpse of reality about the situation in Iraq that has never accompanied this Administration’s rhetoric. While I look forward to receiving a full briefing from the intelligence community on the NIE next Tuesday, I do not see anything so far in the report that suggests the President’s new plan is a winning strategy that protects America’s national interest. Rather this NIE appears to be the latest in a long line of bleak assessments by foreign policy and military experts indicating the President’s plan is flawed and failing. This conclusion is shared by a bipartisan group of Congress and an overwhelming majority of Americans. “Whether it is the Vice President’s refusal to acknowledge any problems in Iraq or the latest disclosure that the President’s escalation plan could require the deployment of nearly 50,000 additional military personnel, this Administration has clearly lost its way. The American people and the Congress must put America’s national security back on the right track. “Next week the Senate will begin work on a bipartisan resolution expressing disapproval for the President’s misguided plan to send more troops to Iraq. This will serve as the first real debate on the President’s flawed Iraq war policy since the war began nearly four years ago. Congress will at long last have an opportunity to send a strong message to the President that a change of course is needed. We hope the Senate Republican leadership will permit Congress to do what the American people expect.”