Senate Democrats

Reid: Senate Republicans Oppose Accountability On Iraq

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on Republican efforts to filibuster a vote on President Bush’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq. “The Republican Leadership has announced it will filibuster a bipartisan resolution rejecting the President’s escalation plan. They have already rejected three compromises that would permit the Senate to vote on the President’s plan. This obstruction is an abdication of their responsibility to the American people on the most important issue facing our nation today. “In an effort to obtain an up or down vote on the bipartisan resolution disapproving the President’s plan, Senate Democrats offered to schedule an up or down vote on the McCain/Graham resolution supporting the President’s plan. The Republican leadership rejected this offer. “Senate Democrats then offered the Republican leadership up or down votes on these two resolutions as well as two others: the Gregg resolution, and a resolution stating simply that the Senate does not support the surge and demands that the troops deploying to Iraq receive the body armor and other equipment they need. The Republican leadership rejected this offer as well. “Finally, Senate Democrats offered to allow votes on the bipartisan resolution and the McCain/Graham resolution that would each have required a supermajority of sixty. The Republican leadership rejected this third offer. “America deserves better than a filibuster on the President’s flawed plan to add nearly 48,000 additional troops to Iraq. Senate Democrats are determined to bring this plan to a vote. The American people deserve to know where every member of Congress stands on the President’s plan to escalate the war.”