Senate Democrats

Reid: Iraq NIE Offers No Support For Escalating The War

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, about which Senators received a classified briefing today from the intelligence community. "Our nation’s intelligence community deserves tremendous credit for their hard work on this National Intelligence Estimate. As the unclassified summary made clear, the President’s plan to escalate the war is not the best strategy to complete the job and is not in America’s national interest. The sooner we change the military mission in Iraq, the sooner we can restore America’s security. Additional U.S. ground forces deployed into a civil war will not end the violence or bring about the necessary political compromises. Now it is time for the American people to hear what the Senate thinks about the President’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq. Senate Republicans should stop blocking this critical debate."