Senate Democrats

Reid Continues Fight To Bring Iraq Debate To The Senate

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada today released the following statement, announcing his plans to introduce in the Senate the Iraq resolution currently under debate in the House of Representatives. "Last week, the Senate Republican Leadership blocked the Senate from beginning a debate on President Bush’s plans to escalate the war in Iraq. This week, the House of Representatives is debating a bipartisan resolution that simply asks Congress to support our troops and oppose the escalation. I applaud the House for confronting this issue in such a straightforward manner. This afternoon, I will begin the process of bringing that same resolution to a vote in the Senate. "The American people deserve to know where every member of Congress stands on the most important issue facing our country today; and Senate Republicans owe it to the American people to allow that debate to occur. "Senate Republicans chose to avoid this debate, essentially giving the White House a green light to escalate the war. This next vote will serve as another opportunity for them to weigh in on the President’s flawed policy. Hopefully, this time they will put the concerns and opposition of an overwhelming majority of Americans ahead of providing political cover for the White House."