Senate Democrats

Reid: The Senate Must Join The House And Vote On The Escalation

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada released the following statement on today’s vote in the House of Representatives to express the opposition of Congress to the President’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq. "The House of Representatives has taken an important step forward by passing a bipartisan resolution in support of America’s troops in Iraq and in opposition to President Bush’s plan to escalate the war. Its members have now fulfilled their basic responsibility to the American people and recorded for history whether they support or oppose the President’s plan. "The war in Iraq is the most important issue facing this country today, putting our national security, our strategic interests, and the lives of our finest men and women in uniform at risk. The American people deserve to know where every member of Congress stands on the President’s escalation plan. This is a responsibility that transcends politics. "Tomorrow, Senators will have another opportunity to express their view on the war in Iraq. Americans deserve to know whether their Senator stands with the President and his plan to deepen our military commitment in Iraq, or with the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose this escalation. Let us be clear: anyone voting ‘no’ tomorrow is voting to give the President a green light to escalate the war."