Senate Democrats

Reid: We Must Address America’s Health Care Crisis

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada today released the following statement calling for a new commitment to fixing America’s health care crisis. "America’s health care system is in crisis. Forty seven million Americans lack health insurance, and 9 million of them are children. Caught between the rising cost and the falling accessibility of care, too many families are unable even to get by. Unfortunately, President Bush has proposed solutions to this country’s health care system that would only serve to undermine the quality and reliability of care for those Americans lucky enough to have insurance. He has even ignored calls to help states with the successful SCHIP program, which faces a looming funding shortfall that could undermine the coverage of thousands of children. "Democrats are committed to taking this country in a new direction, and to addressing this crisis. If President Bush does not change course, he will end his Presidency with more Americans uninsured than when he began. Democrats urge the President to work with us to lower the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate for better prices, to ensure Americans do not lose their insurance by funding the SCHIP program into the future, and by helping give the American people the affordable and accessible health care they deserve."