Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Must Not Block Critical Homeland Security Legislation

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement after the Senate voted to table an amendment to 9/11 legislation that would have undermined the Transportation Security Administration’s workforce effectiveness and retention. "The Senate has spoken. Now it is time for President Bush and Senate Republicans to make clear they will not seek to block this critical homeland security legislation. The 9/11 families have asked us to pass this bill and we have an obligation to them and to the country. More than five years after 9/11, it is time to finally secure our rail, air, and mass transit systems; give our first responders the tools they need to keep us safe; and block terrorists from traveling freely into our country. Through inattention and inaction, President Bush and past Republican Congresses have left this country less safe than it should be. The President and Senate Republicans must do the right thing by not further delaying these critical improvements to our national security."