Senate Democrats

S.J. Res. 9, a Joint Resolution to Revise U.S. Policy in Iraq


S.J.Res.9 states that the current conflict in Iraq requires a political solution, Iraq must take responsibility for its own future, and our troops should not be policing a civil war.  It contains binding language to direct the President to transition the mission for U.S. forces in Iraq and begin their phased redeployment within one-hundred twenty days with a goal of redeploying all combat forces by March 31, 2008.  A limited number of troops would remain for the purposes of force protection, training and equipping Iraqi troops, and targeted counter-terrorism operations.

Major Provisions

Whereas Clauses:

  • Congress and the American people support the troops;
  • The circumstances cited in the 2002 use of force authorization have changed substantially;
  • U.S. troops should not be policing a civil war; and
  • U.S. policy must change to emphasize the need for a political solution in order to maximize the chances for success and more effectively wage the war on terror.

Redeployment of U.S. Forces from Iraq:

  • The President shall promptly transition the mission of U.S. forces in Iraq and begin a phased redeployment no later than 120 days following enactment;
  • The goal is to redeploy all combat forces from Iraq by March 31, 2008, except for a limited number that are essential for the following purposes:

–       Force protection;

–       Training and equipping Iraqi troops; and

–       Targeted counter-terrorism operations.

New Comprehensive Strategy to Ensure Stability in Iraq:

Redeployment shall be implemented as part of a comprehensive economic, diplomatic, and political strategy that includes sustained engagement with Iraq’s neighbors and the international community.  The new policy seeks to change course, transition the mission, and bring stability to Iraq.

Legislative History

S.J.Res.9 was placed on the Senate Calendar on March 8, 2007.  

Statement of Administration Policy

At the time of publication, no Statement of Administration Policy had been issued for S.J.Res.9.

Expected Amendments

The DPC will circulate a description of possible amendments as information becomes available.