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Reid Hails Passage of Bill To Strengthen The Independence of US Attorneys

Washington, DC– As the nation is still trying to understand the mass firings of several U.S. Attorneys, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada hailed the passage of a bill to protect the integrity of these important positions. Nevada felt the effects of the mass firings when its own U.S. Attorney, Daniel Bogden, was fired.

The United States Attorney Independence Act of 2007 (S. 214) closes a loophole inserted without notice in the USA Patriot Act reauthorization in 2006 allowing the Attorney General to appoint a replacement for an indefinite period of time – thus completely avoiding the Senate confirmation process. S. 214 returns the system to the way it was prior to the provision slipped in the USA Patriot Act reauthorization.

“This bill will stop abuses of the Patriot Act and will ensure that partisan politics won’t jeopardize the integrity of our federal criminal justice system,” said Reid. “The Senate must have the ability to undertake thorough consideration of a nominee’s qualifications. I support this bill because Nevadans deserve accountability, fairness, independence and a voice in determining who will be our next U.S. Attorney. We must prevent the politicization of this important post.”

The bill now goes to the House for approval.

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