Senate Democrats

Democrats Boost Funding for Veterans Neglected By Bush Administration’s Mishandling Of Iraq War, Walter Reed

Washington, DC–Under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, Senate Democrats today discussed their proposal to increase funding for veterans beyond what is currently proposed in the president’s inadequate budget.

“The budget proposed by my Democratic colleagues and I keeps our promises to America’s veterans by dedicating $3.5 billion more than the Bush budget allots,” said Reid. “Increasing support for the well-being of Nevada’s veterans is the right thing to do. How can we continue to increase funding for the war and yet, neglect our veterans? Our veterans have paid and continue to pay a heavy price for our freedoms and we owe them the best medical care possible in return for their service.”

The Bush administration neglects America’s veterans by failing to provide appropriate care and treatment to injured soldiers, including an internal report revealing shameful maintenance problems in the Veterans’ Affairs vast network of 1,400 health clinics and hospitals. The review found mold in patient care areas, leaky roofs and instances of bat colonies in health facilities.

The funding in the Democratic Budget will ensure that the Veterans Health Administration in Nevada and within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can provide the highest quality health care for all veterans.

Reid will continue working to secure critical resources to ensure that veterans receive the quality health care they deserve.