Senate Democrats

Reid: Bush Refuses to Change Course As His War Strategy Continues to Fail

Washington, DC– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today issued this statement following President Bush’s radio address:

“Democrats are continuing to fight to fully fund our troops and give them a strategy for success worthy of their sacrifices. President Bush continues to insist that we follow his same failed strategy that has drawn our troops further into an intractable civil war.

“In the same week that we learned troops’ tours will be extended, the White House admitted it can’t manage the war and the Iraqi parliament was bombed in the most secure part of Iraq, all the President can offer the American people is a threat to veto funding for our troops and a stubborn refusal to change his failed policies.

“Next week, Democratic leaders will bring the concerns of the American people to the White House and ask the President to work with them to produce legislation that offers what the majority of Americans, bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress, military experts and the Iraq Study Group have demanded: a change of course in Iraq.”