Senate Democrats

Reid: On Earth Day, As Every Day, We Must Take on Environmental Challenges

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on the 37th anniversary of Earth Day:

“Senate Democrats are dedicated to making sure that Americans have clean drinking water, fresh air to breathe, and the opportunity to enjoy the vast open spaces and natural beauty of Nevada, the country and the world. On the 37th anniversary of Earth Day, everyone should celebrate the bipartisan steps forward we have taken to reduce pollution and clean up hazardous waste sites.

“Yet we have so much more work to do. Each year, our understanding grows about how important it is to conserve and protect our land and its rich resources. Today we face great environmental challenges that will confront our planet for generations, and we have a moral obligation to address these issues with legislation and vigorous enforcements. Ignoring problems, as some prefer to do, is a luxury we cannot afford and a burden that we must not hand to our children.”