Senate Democrats

Reid: Increase In Terrorist Attacks Underscores Administration’s Failed Policy In Iraq

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to the State Department’s annual global terrorism survey:

“The State Department’s annual terrorism report is yet another reminder that the Bush Administration has failed to make America more secure.  The data paints a troubling picture, with terrorist attacks up sharply over the past year.  That terrorist attacks in Iraq have increased so dramatically demonstrates once again the unfortunate results of four years of a failed strategy – that Iraq has become a recruiting poster and a training ground for a new generation of terrorists.

Congress is asking the President to change course in Iraq because it is what the American people, military experts and the Iraq Study Group know is necessary to more effectively fight terrorism.  We hope the President seizes this opportunity to change course instead of refusing to recognize the reality on the ground.