Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats’ Energy Independence Plan Protects Environment, National Security, Consumers

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in announcing his intention to bring the energy debate to the floor in the coming weeks:

“Democrats are moving forward with energy legislation to increase the nation’s use of renewable fuels; improve the energy efficiency of vehicles, buildings and products; and advance research on capturing and storing greenhouse gas emissions. It will also save consumers money, protect them from price-gouging, and make our country safer and more economically sound by decreasing our reliance on oil – especially oil from unstable regions.

“To expedite Senate consideration of this important legislation, I took the step today of combining several energy-related bipartisan bills approved overwhelmingly by the Committees on Energy and Natural Resources; on Commerce, Science and Transportation; on Environment and Public Works; and on Foreign Relations. While this Administration has made it a priority to give tax breaks to oil and gas companies even as prices have doubled and oil company profits have soared, this composite bill is a solid first step toward our goals of greater energy independence and reducing the risks of global warming.”