Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats Working Quickly To Change Course In Iraq Despite Administration’s Inflexibility

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after meeting with White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten and Republican Congressional leaders:

“Democrats remain committed to fully funding our troops, changing course in Iraq and reaching a deal for an effective strategy before Memorial Day. Today, Democrats made two offers to the Administration and Republicans in an effort to accomplish these objectives while still demanding some level of accountability from this Administration and the Iraqi government.   

“Unfortunately, the White House and most congressional Republicans seem content to continue ignoring the will of Congress and the American people. We regret that at the same time Americans and Iraqis continue to die in a war with no end in sight, the Administration and congressional Republicans do not feel the need to change course in Iraq. There is no time to waste. We will continue our work in the days and weeks ahead until the President and Congressional Republicans finally heed the advice of military experts and the will of the American people and join us in bringing the war to a responsible end.”