Senate Democrats

Doyle, Bingaman, Klobuchar Promote Home-Grown Biofuels To Strengthen Economy, National Security

Washington, DC—Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle; Senator Jeff Bingaman, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; and Senator Amy Klobuchar today discussed the Senate’s energy legislation that would strengthen the economy, strengthen national security and protect the environment. Representatives from the National Farmers Union, Renewable Fuels Association, National Biodiesel Board and National Corn Growers Association were also on hand to talk about the need to promote biofuels that create jobs and make America more energy independent.

Home-grown biofuels can accelerate our transportation sector’s transition to energy sources beyond imported petroleum. In crafting policies to promote economical, feedstock-diverse biofuels production, H.R. 6 expands and improves upon existing Federal renewable-fuels policies, and addresses infrastructure- and competition-related issues that impact wholesale and retail distribution of biofuels throughout the country.

“One of the biggest policy questions facing our country is how to diversify energy supplies for transportation,” Bingaman said. “The U.S. faces serious energy security challenges stemming from our dependence on foreign oil.  Clean, home-grown biofuels will play a big role in addressing that problem.  Given its potential contribution to our nation’s energy security, it’s easy to see why accelerating a transition to energy sources beyond imported petroleum is a top priority for Senate Democrats.”

Said Klobuchar: “It’s time we start investing in the farmers and the workers of the Midwest instead of the oil cartels of the Mideast. This energy bill moves the country forward by supporting research on ethanol pipelines and including loan guarantees for advanced biofuels facilities. I share the belief that advanced biofuels, including cellulosic ethanol, hold tremendous promise for our nation’s energy security and I will continue to work with this experienced team as well as Chairman Bingaman to reach our nation’s energy security goals.”

“After six years of inaction on the part of the Bush Administration, states have had to step up, and Wisconsin is one of the states that is leading the way. The fight against global warming and the pursuit of energy independence is a critical challenge for our nation. Yet for Wisconsin, and other states across the country, this challenge presents tremendous opportunity to create jobs, invest in our people and improve the safety and security of our world.”