Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats Putting Working Families First, Making College Education More Affordable

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today in response to the HELP Committee’s passage of the Higher Education Access Act of 2007 and the Higher Education Amendments of 2007:

“Democrats continue to deliver on our promises to put working families first, providing more than $17 billion to ensure that more Americans can afford a college education. This bill dramatically expands Pell Grants and reforms the student-loan program by making debts more manageable and expanding loan-forgiveness options.

“Just as we increased the minimum wage, passed a fiscally responsible and balanced budget, and are lowering energy prices, Democrats are strengthening working families by making college more affordable. Education has always been at the heart of achievement in America, and there is no better investment for our nation’s future than providing our children with the opportunity to succeed in the global economy.”