Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats Pass Energy Bill To Strengthen Economy, National Security

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the Senate passed S.6, the National Energy and Environmental Security Act of 2007:

“Tonight’s vote was a victory for the American people. This bill starts America on a path toward reducing our reliance on oil by increasing the nation’s use of renewable fuels and, for the first time in decades, significantly improving the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks. We are saving consumers money, protecting them from gas price-gouging, creating new jobs and making our country safer – all while taking steps to reduce global warming.

“It is unfortunate that in passing this bill the Administration and most Senate Republicans blocked an effort to require more of our nation’s electricity to come from renewable sources as well as incentives to spur the production of more renewable fuels right here in America. 

“Democrats believe it is more important to invest in clean, affordable energy produced right here in America than to protect the multibillion-dollar oil industry. That is why in the coming months we will continue to move forward by enacting additional measures that put consumers, the economy, our national security and the environment first.”