Senate Democrats

Reid: Energy Vote Shows Again That Democrats Want To Lead The Way, Republicans Want Stand In The Way

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after Republicans blocked a vote on $32 billion tax-cut package that would invest in renewable energy:

“Democrats continue to deliver on our promises to lower energy costs while most Republicans continue to pander to the big oil and energy companies. In voting against tax incentives that would spur investment in renewable fuels, clean-coal technology and energy-efficient vehicles, not to mention consumer incentives for buying green products and cars, the Grand Oil Party has sided yet again with the industry that fills Republican campaign coffers as those same oil companies drill deeper into Americas’ pockets.

“Republicans repeatedly demonstrate that they do not care about the priorities of the American people, throwing up roadblocks at every turn instead of working with us to reduce skyrocketing gas prices, reduce our dependence on oil and reduce the emissions that cause global warming. Whether the issue is changing course in Iraq, fixing our broken immigration system, or energy legislation that protects consumers and makes us safer, Republicans have consistently chosen to waste time and walk away from America’s most pressing problems.

“I am still holding out hope that there are some courageous Republicans who will choose to work with us and fix the nation’s disastrously broken energy policy.”