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Senator Baucus Comments On Presidential Remarks On Health Care

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) commented today on remarks by the President Bush, who called again to replace efforts to renew and improve the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) with tax proposals instead.  CHIP covers low-income American children for health care when their families cannot afford private insurance.   The Finance Committee will soon consider legislation to renew this vital program.

From Chairman Baucus

“Members of the Finance Committee are coming together on a final agreement to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  I expect to bring a Chairman’s Mark forward soon for consideration by the Committee next week. 

“The Children’s Health Insurance Program gets health care to low-income American kids who would otherwise go without.   Since CHIP’s creation in 1997, uninsurance among low-income American kids has dropped by one third.   Congress has to make sure the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program can help more low-income American kids.  Turning to untested proposals, like the President’s tax provisions, could put these children at risk.   

“In 1997, leaders of both parties in Congress came together to do the right thing, and created CHIP to help children whose families cannot afford private health coverage.  Congress must put kids first again in renewing the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  Renewing and improving the Children’s Health Insurance Program will make sure that low-income kids get to see doctors when they need them, and get the healthy start they deserve in life.”