Senate Democrats

Reid: Today’s Minimum-Wage Increase A Down Payment On Greater Economic Security For Working Americans

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today as the first raise for working Americans in 10 years goes into effect: 

“Seventy years after President Roosevelt made a commitment to our parents and grandparents through the New Deal, too many Americans are now getting a raw deal.  Democrats, however, are delivering on our promises to work hard for working families, and the first minimum-wage increase in 10 years goes into effect today.

“Hourly wages and household incomes are down while the number of uninsured Americans and executive salaries are up.  But today, hundreds of thousands of Americans will have a little more in their next paychecks to help them better afford basic necessities like food, clothing, day care, health care, education and retirement.  While much more needs to be done for America’s workers, raising the minimum wage is an important first step toward once again giving working people a square deal and a fair shot at achieving the American Dream.”