Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Must Work With Us To Promptly Complete Defense Spending Bill

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to President Bush’s remarks on the Defense Authorization bill:

“While the Democratically controlled Congress has already demonstrated we will give our troops the critical resources they need, the facts are clear: Throughout this war, Democrats have had to force the President and Congressional Republicans to provide our troops adequate body armor, well-earned pay raises, and the health care they deserve when they return home.  Just as importantly, we have repeatedly put forward a strategy for success in Iraq that will enhance our security.

“The President’s call today to pressure Congress to quickly complete a defense spending bill that does not take effect until October is simply the latest example of the President shamelessly hiding behind our brave troops in an effort to distract attention from his failed national security record and failed conduct of this war.  It is time for the President and the Republicans to do more than just say the right thing – it is time they worked with us for the good of the country and our security.  If the President and Republicans were as committed to this priority as they profess to be, they would not have placed our troops in harm’s way without a strategy for success or the equipment and support they need to do their mission.