Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats, Republicans Must Work Together To Modernize FISA, Make America Safer

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to the Administration’s call for Congress to modernize FISA:

“Although it is unfortunate that the Bush Administration’s refusal to treat Congress as a partner on critical national security issues has led to the urgent situation we face today, I am committed to giving our intelligence community the tools they need to fight terrorism and am working very hard with the most senior members of the Administration to do that as soon as possible. 

“This is a huge and complex undertaking that will require working in a bipartisan manner if we are to get it done right.  We hope our Republican counterparts will work together with us to fix the problem, rather than try again to gain partisan political advantage at the expense of our national security.  Democrats and Republicans should work together on this to make America more secure and I pledge to do just that.”