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Reid, Baucus, Corzine Discuss Importance Of Funding Children’s Health Insurance

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Max Baucus and New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine today discussed Senate efforts to provide – over the President’s objections – health care to low-income, uninsured children.  By combining the best of public and private health coverage, the bipartisan plan to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program will ensure all 6.6 million CHIP-covered kids keep their health insurance, and will reach 3.2 million more uninsured children in America’s working families.

“The Children’s Health Insurance Program has been a smashing success by any measure, but for too many working people, the cost of quality health care is still prohibitive,” Reid said. “Unless we in Congress act, the Children’s Health Insurance Program will expire and the nine million children without health insurance in this country – the wealthiest country in the world – will remain uninsured.”

Said Baucus: “The bipartisan support of America’s governors is so vital to renewing and improving the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  We know that CHIP works to get health coverage to uninsured children in America’s working families, and together we can make sure that even more low-income kids get the doctor’s visits and medicines they need to stay healthy.  We are speaking with one voice when we call on all of Congress, and on the President, to support a strong renewal of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.”

“I left this esteemed institution to serve as governor 18 months ago,” Corzine said. “And from that time until right now, I have rarely seen a government program that does more and means more for children and families than CHIP. CHIP is a proven remedy that works, and now we need President Bush and Congress to refill the prescription.”


The bipartisan Senate bill to renew and improve the Children’s Health Insurance Program will help states cover more low-income children. To see how it would affect your state, click here: