Senate Democrats

Reid: It Is Time For A New Direction In Iraq

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today on the Government Accounting Office’s (GAO) draft report on Iraq:

“While we await the publication of the unclassified GAO report early next week which appears to conclude that 15 of 18 benchmarks for progress in Iraq have not been met, it is clear that every objective expert keeps providing the American public with the same facts: that the President’s flawed Iraq strategy is failing to deliver what it needs to – a political solution for Iraq.  The forthcoming GAO report offers a clear assessment that a new direction in Iraq must begin immediately, before more American lives are lost and more taxpayer dollars wasted. Democrats will continue to push for a new strategy to protect our troops and make America secure.

I am also concerned about indications that the Administration may be working hard to provide the Congress with spin rather than an objective analysis in its own assessments.  The press has reported that the recent Iraq National Intelligence Estimate’s security judgments may have been softened under pressure and that that a government whistleblower may have provided a draft of the GAO report to the press out of concern that its judgments would be softened in the final version.  The American people expect an honest and open debate and for Congress to be given the facts.”