Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Mukasey Nomination To Attorney General

WASHINGTON, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response President Bush’s nomination of Michael B. Mukasey as the next Attorney General:

“I’m glad President Bush listened to Congress and put aside his plan to replace Alberto Gonzales with another partisan Administration insider.  Judge Mukasey has strong professional credentials and a reputation for independence.  A man who spent 18 years on the federal bench surely understands the importance of checks and balances and knows how to say no to the President when he oversteps the Constitution.

“But there should be no rush to judgment.  The Senate Judiciary Committee must carefully examine Judge Mukasey’s views on the complex legal challenges facing the nation.  I look forward to meeting Judge Mukasey, and I will work with Chairman Leahy to ensure a full airing of the issues presented by his nomination.”