Senate Democrats

Murray, Pryor, University Officials Discuss Democrats’ Higher Education Bill

Washington, DC—Senators Patty Murray and Mark Pryor joined University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Chancellor Lawrence A. Davis and Washington State University President Elson S. Floyd on a conference call today to discuss the higher education bill Democrats are sending President Bush.  The bill makes higher education affordable for more Americans by providing the largest increase in college aid to students since the G.I. bill.

“Without Pell Grants and student loans I never would have been able to attend college,” Murray said. “So I know what this bill will mean for the millions of students who rely on financial aid to realize their dreams. With college becoming more expensive and more students leaving school saddled with debt, the deck is already stacked against them. By increasing Pell grants, cutting interest rates, and putting students first, this bill will begin to turn the tide.”

Said Pryor: “Students should be challenged in the classroom, not in the financial aid office.  That’s why I am pleased by Congress’ new commitment to help students overcome tuition hurdles so they can receive a higher education and compete in today’s global economy.”

“The nation is headed for difficult days in the future because of its failure to educate the more socioeconomic-challenged minoritie,” Davis said. “Education is one of the few avenues to advancement for these groups.  The cost of education is being increased beyond their financial resources. It is a national catastrophe.”

Said Floyd: “Washington State University is very pleased with the financial aide enhancements of the in The College Cost Reduction and Access Act.  The leadership of Senator Murray has resulted in concerted steps that will help Washington students afford college, pursue their dreams and contribute to our country.”