Senate Democrats

Reid: By Blocking Bill Requiring Adequate Time At Home Between Deployments, Republicans Again Fail To Support Our Troops

Washington, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the following statement today after Republicans blocked the Webb-Hagel Amendment to enhance military readiness: 

“In blocking this bipartisan bill, Republicans have once again demonstrated that they are more committed to protecting the President than protecting our troops.  They have shown they will allow President Bush’s flawed war strategy to continue to strain our military rather than allow the availability of troops to dictate our operations.  And they believe it is in our national security interest to push our brave troops and their families beyond their breaking point.

“Democrats disagree.  We care deeply about rebuilding our badly overextended military and ensuring our troops have the time to properly train, prepare for and recover from battle.  And Democrats remain committed to repaying in some small measure the sacrifices our brave troops are making every day.”