Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats Leading Push For Political Reconciliation In Iraq

WASHINGTON, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today following passage of the Biden Amendment to express the sense of Congress on federalism in Iraq:

“As President Bush and Senate Republicans keep our troops mired in a civil war, today’s passage of the Biden amendment reflects the important recognition by the U.S. Senate that political reconciliation must remain Iraqis’ primary goal.  And today, Senate Democrats finally overcame Republican and White House obstruction tactics to send President Bush the message that he must urgently adapt America’s strategy in Iraq.

“Democrats and all objective experts have said for some time that four-and-a-half years into this war, President Bush’s flawed Iraq strategy is still failing to forge the political and diplomatic solution necessary for victory in Iraq.  Implementing the political solution envisioned in this legislation will help redeploy American troops from the Iraqi civil war, more effectively fight terrorism and make America more secure.”