Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Refuse To Take Yes For An Answer On Children’s Health

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to Senate Republican leaders’ objections to taking up children’s health legislation after completion of the farm bill, even though Republicans themselves requested we delay consideration of the CHIP bill:

“Already on a record pace to slow, stall and stop the legislative process as we try to address America’s real priorities, Republican leaders today have taken their obstruction to a new level by first asking for more time on the children’s health bill and then objecting when we granted their request.  Democrats remain committed to ensuring American children receive the health care they need, which is why we have offered a new bipartisan bill that addresses the stated concerns of those who voted to uphold President Bush’s veto and invited the President himself to the table, which he refused.

“Republican leaders’ calls for bipartisanship ring hollow when they refuse to take yes for an answer.  It raises the question of whether they are more committed to helping America’s children or to standing in the way.”