Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Threaten To Block Funding For Our Troops Because Democrats Seek Accountability

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to the Administration’s inaccurate claim that the Department of Defense will run out of funding for the Iraq War by February, despite the fact that the Department just received $459 billion in annual funding: 

“Let’s be clear: The only ones threatening to cut off funding for our troops are President Bush and Congressional Republicans.  Congress just gave the Department of Defense $459 billion, and Democrats have now offered the President an additional $50 billion provided he works with us to change course in Iraq.  The President, refusing to be held accountable for his disastrous war policy, is threatening to reject both our reasonable approach and that money, leaving our military empty-handed.  We will keep fighting to take care of our troops and hold the President accountable for every dollar he spends in Iraq.”