Senate Democrats

Reid: President Holding Troops’ Funding Hostage To Score Political Points

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today about Democrats’ efforts to provide our troops the funding, training and equipment they need to make America more secure:

“President Bush’s refusal to be held accountable for his flawed war policy – and Congressional Republicans’ refusal to stand up to the President – puts our troops at great strain and our nation at great risk.  Democrats have consistently provided the funding, training and equipment our troops need; already passed over $459 billion for the Department of Defense; and last week offered the President an additional $50 billion provided he works with us to change course in Iraq to a strategy that makes America more secure.  Even though a majority of the Senate and majority of Americans support this reasonable plan, Senate Republicans blocked it.  It is unacceptable to hold our military’s resources hostage for political purposes – especially for someone like the President whose rhetoric supports the troops but whose actions do not seem to follow.”