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Reid: Bush In Denial; He And Senate Republicans Are Only Impediments To Addressing Housing Crisis

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to the President’s comments on the nation’s subprime mortgage crisis in his weekly radio address released today: 

“It is unclear if the President is simply not following what is going on in the U.S. Senate, or if he is just pretending not to in an effort to score political points.  Make no mistake: The only thing standing in between hundreds of thousands of Americans at risk of losing their homes and a solution are Senate Republicans committed to blocking one.

“Democrats support the FHA Modernization bill and have tried twice in the past three weeks to pass it – but Senate Republicans have used legislative roadblocks to stop it both times.  They have also blocked our efforts to pass the Transportation-HUD bill that includes $200 million for mortgage counseling.  Further, the President has repeatedly threatened to veto this appropriations bill should it reach his desk.  I find the demands in his radio address disingenuous at best.

“Let me reiterate that if the President is serious about addressing this emergency in a meaningful way, I encourage him to show leadership both by dropping his veto threat of the T-HUD bill, and by calling Senator McConnell to insist that he put an end to the Senate Republicans’ obstruction of the FHA bill.  President Bush said he wants to remain relevant as his term comes to a close; this is a chance to do so.”